About Us

This is a contributory welfare scheme of the people, for the people and by the people.

Osusu is a simple block that could be used to build a financial empire conceived by our forefathers. It is a credible and a sustainable engine of personal finance. Since conception, it has remained DORMANT, UNTAPPED and operated below the installed CAPACITY. We are set to develop it.

The concept is widely accepted and practiced all over Nigeria and called by different names by different people.

The Ibibios and Efiks call the financial system etibe.

The Edos call it osusu.

The Yorubas call it esusu or ajo.

The Ibos call it isusu or utu.

The Hausas call it adashi.

The Nupes call it dashi and

The Kalabaris call it oku.

Beyond Nigeria, the Ghanaians and the Gambians call it susus, whereas the Camerounians call it tontine.

We are taking it to the NEXT LEVEL of:

1. Abundance

2. Prosperity like never before

3. Money-on-Demand

4. Peace of mind

5. Multiplication – 80%

6. Instant Payment

7. Non – Refundable

8. Revolving

9. Nothing Down – Zero Capital to start

10. 100% Transparency, Accountability and Integrity.


It is a new and the best method because we have departed from the traditional method and applied technology in our operations.

Besides, the old method of “osusu” is close-ended in nature and its resources are limited.

The new method of osusu is open-ended and its resources are un-limited.


(a) It is participatory in approach.

(b) All the members MUST be ACTIVE and NOT PASSIVE.

With that the end opens and expands. The initial unit increases from say 2 to 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 etc.

It is like using just 10 digits of 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 to build figures running into trillions, even more.

Mission Statement:

To provide a credible and sustainable SOLUTION to the welfare problem of the people.

Vision Statement:

To build a Multi-Door Finance House driven on Alternative to Credit Financing System.

For Whom?

For any targeted audience –

• Lawyers

• Doctors

• Lecturers

• Students

• Workers

• Farmers, etc, etc.

Something Similar? Yes.

1. Contributory Pension Scheme (CPS)

2. Contributory Health Insurance Scheme (CHIS)

Retired workers do not refund their monthly pensions after payment. Do they?

Insurance Policy holders do not refund the benefit paid to them after the payment. Do they? However, our mode of operations are not the same.

How It Works

“Invite 2 Persons to Contribute to YOU; who will in turn invite 2 persons to Contribute to them.”

Contribute; Invite 2 Persons & Make 80% Within 48 Hours – Guaranteed Contribute Now; Collect Now!

Here is the Step-by-Step Guide Connect two (2) Contributors and be paid!.

  • Category 1

    CONTRIBUTE ₦1,000.00 - COLLECT ₦1,800.00

  • Category 2

    CONTRIBUTE ₦5,000.00 - COLLECT ₦9,000.00

  • Category 3

    CONTRIBUTE ₦20,000.00 - COLLECT ₦36,000.00

  • Category 4

    CONTRIBUTE ₦50,000.00 - COLLECT ₦90,000.00

  • Category 5

    CONTRIBUTE ₦100,000.00 - COLLECT ₦180,000.00

  • Category 6

    CONTRIBUTE ₦200,000.00 - COLLECT ₦360,000.00

  • Category 7

    CONTRIBUTE ₦500,000.00 - COLLECT ₦900,000.00

  • Category 8

    CONTRIBUTE ₦1,000,000.00 - COLLECT ₦1,800,000.00

Further Instructions

1. Enter your personal data in the REGISTRATION FORM and submit.

2. Choose your category or welfare package from the above table.

3. Contribute by depositing at – Zenith Bank Plc. Account Name: Givers & Receivers Co-op Ltd. Account Number: 101 553 7558 and enter details in the CONTRIBUTION FORM.

4. Invite 2 persons of the same category with you and submit the contribution form.

5. Get paid to your bank account within 48 Hours.

6. Repeat the process again and again.

NOTE: Join our WorkGroup on the Facebook Group “New Osusu Contribution” to interact with members, invite and be invited, contribute and contribute to others.

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